My guinea pigs, Olivia and Cookie!


Olivia's Background

Olivia is a silkie. I would have adopted her and her mother, but her mother was having more babies so she couldn't be adopted. Olivia's favorite foods are the timothy hay and green leaf lettuce. Olivia might be shy during the day, but at night she will do several laps around her cage although it might annoy Cookie.

Cookie's Background

Cookie is an american guinea pig. I don't know much about her life before the rescue, but I do know she was handeled a lot based on the way she acts when I brush her and hold her.

Here is some supplies you will need to raise a happy and healthy guinea pig:

  • timothy hay
  • pellets
  • cage
  • playpen
  • water bottle
  • pellet bowl
  • Here is where I got my guinea pigs los angeles guinea pig rescue
  • Guinea pigs are social animals.

    tan guinea pig with white crest

    Fun facts about my guinea pigs: